Oaks Editions Lithography offers facilities and a collaborative printing service to enable individual artists to produce editions of their own lithographs.† It may not be as expensive as you think.† Time to work in the studio starts at £50 a day.† Please contact us to discuss your project.

Edition Printing†††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† Oaks Editions Lithography

Artists we have worked with:




Martin Beek

Oliver Bevan

Nicolette Carter

ChloŽ Cheese

Paul Cox

Sophie Dickens

Malcolm Franklin

Kate Green

Emma Haworth

Hanuman Kambli

Raul PiŮa

Natasha Malik

Edward Povey

Unity Spencer

Kate Wilson

Fouzia Zafar